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Guitar Amplifier VOX AD100VT for sale

Amp VOX AD 100VT
Vox top view
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High Gain Amplifiers
The AD100VT-XL is part of the NEW VOX Valvetronix XL line, an exciting new range of tube-powered modelling amplifiers that

delivers the power and punch that modern rock players require, with a selection of hi-gain sounds that span the entire range

of heavy rock music.

Features of the AD100VT-XL include:

Eleven amp sounds. Sophisticated modelling technology is used to provide eleven different amps, including classic vintage

amps of the past, costly, modern high-end amps and high-gain hybrids, all accessible at the turn of a knob. These new models

include Glass, modelled on the Clean channel of a collectable 100-Watt head named the Overdrive Special; Funked, modeled on a

classic American black-faced 2x12 combo; Buzzsaw, inspired by the British-made 50-Watt head that created the sounds of ‘70s

hard rock and metal; Crunched, based on a very rare modded VOX AC30/6TBX Top Boost combo, adding new hot-rodded gain levels

and EQ; Thrashed, modelled on a 1983, all tube, single channel, master volume 100-Watt head; Raged, based on the high gain

channel of a modern, all-tube 100 Watter, with boosted bass and mid frequencies and even more gain; Modern, a still higher

gain modification to the “Modern High Gain” channel, with scooped EQ; Fluid, the UK Modern setting with maximum gain and

mid-range EQ, modified to emphasize a vocal-like tone for legato-style playing; Molten, based on VOX’s US Hi-Gain model but

capable of even more powerful, heavily saturated sounds, with an Octave effect mixed into the preset; Black, a version of the

UK Modern mutated to Class A, rather than Class AB; and Damaged, rooted in VOX’s US Hi-Gain model with more gain and a

completely re-voiced and modified EQ to be thicker and darker.

Eleven high-quality effects are built in, including compressor, delay, reverb, compressor & chorus, compressor & phaser,

chorus & delay, chorus & reverb, flanger & reverb, tremolo & reverb, and rotary & reverb, plus Noise Reduction. New for the

XL series is an Octave effect for massive lead tones. Effect parameters are fully adjustable and a Tap button makes it easy

to set your delay time or modulation speed.

Store amp and effect settings. Store your favourite amp and effect settings as a program, containing two different settings

(CH1 and CH2). Switch between these settings from the top panel, or by using the optional VFS2 foot switch connected to the

rear panel. In addition, there is a preset program for each amp type.

Manual mode. In Manual mode the sound you hear reflects the physical settings of the knobs.
You’re in control. Connect an optional VFS2 dual foot switch (sold separately) to switch programs or bypass effects. A power

level control (not available on AD15VT-XL) adjusts the output wattage of the power amp. This means that even when the master

volume is turned up all the way to drive the Valve Reactor power amp, you can adjust the volume without losing any tone.

* Number of amp types: 11
* Number of effects: 11, Noise reduction: 1
* Number of programs: 11 preset, 2 channel.
* Input/output jacks: Top panel – 1 x INPUT. Rear panel – 1 x FOOT SW , 1 x LINE/ PHONE, (AD100VT, AD50VT & AD50VT121

only) 1 x EXTERNAL SPEAKER OUT, (AD100VT only) 1 x LOOP RETURN Jack, 1 x LOOP SEND Jack.
* Power amp output:AD100VT = maximum 100 RMS @ 8 ohms, AD50VT(212) = maximum 50W RMS @ 8 ohms, AD30VT = maximum 30W RMS @

8 ohms, AD15VT = maximum 15W RMS @ 8 ohms.
* Adjustable Output Wattage (AD100VT, 50VT, 50VT-212, 30VT).
* Speaker: AD100VT = 2 x 12 inch VOX oringinal 16 ohm, AD50VT-212 = 2 x 12 inch VOX oringinal 16 ohm, AD50VT = 1x

Celestion 70/80 (12 inch 8 ohm), AD30VT = 1x VOX original (10 inch 8 ohm), AD15VT = 1x VOX original (8 inch 8 ohm),
* Signal processing A/D conversion: 24-bit, D/A conversion: 24-bit, Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz.
* Power supply requirements: AC, local voltage.
* Power consumption: AD100VT=100W, AD50VT(212)=52W, AD30VT=45W, AD15VT=23W
* Dimensions:
AD100VT = 55.3cms (21.77") (H) x 68.4cms (26.93") (W) x 26.8cms (10.55") (D),
AD50VT-212 = 48.5cms (19.09") (H) x 67.3cms (26.50") (W) x 26.5cms (10.43") (D), AD50VT = 50.67cms (19.95") (H) x

57.81cms (22.76") (W) x 26.5cms (10.43") (D), AD30VT = 43cms (16.93") (H) x 45.59cms (17.95") (W) x 22.40 cms (8.82") (D),

AD15VT = 39.5cms (15.55") (H) x 42.8cms (16.85") (W) x 22.4cms (8.82") (D)
* Weight: AD100VT = 29kg (63.93lbs), AD50VT-212 = 23kg (50.71lbs), AD50VT = 20kgs (44.09lbs), AD30VT = 12kgs (26.46lbs),

AD15VT = 10kgs (22.05lbs).
* Included items: power cable.
* Options (sold separately): VFS2 dual foot switch.

some reviews:-

Price paid: 550

Purchased from: SamAsh

Features: There are so many awesome features on this amp I dont know where to start. Maybe the amp modeling or built in

effects. The tube powered pre-amp that delviers real tube tone for those who cant afford a real tube amp. Or that beautiful

chrome grill. Whatever it is, the Vox has it! Check their site for exacts. // 10
Sound: Sound, well if you have ever wondered what replicated tube tone blasted through two 12 inch speaker through a chrome

grate, its kind of like that. This amp is by far one of the nicest sounding combo amps out their for this price range. The

cleans are sweet sounding and dont get crappy when overdriven, and the distortion is killer. Metal, hard rock, ska, blues,

classical, jazz, surf, acid hill billy whatever this beast will play it. There is harldy a noise at even high levels

(buzzing). It suits me perfectly, and I play all those styles minus the hillbilly. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Only had it for a couple months but since then I've dropped AMP energy drink down it, my brother

kicked it (the jacknut, and it's been in my garage for a bit). I'm not saying these things are good for the amp, but I havent

seen s change in its reliability or durability. I would defenitly take it gigging. It also comes with a 7 year contract so

I'm covered. // 10

Impression: I played a lot of other combo amps. Some Marshalls, Line 6, and Peavey and none of them compared with this beast.

Hard rocking guitar has never sounded better, and for the price you would be crazy not to buy this amp. If you do and you

don't like it I won't refund you but I will recomend a good doctor. You would have to be crazy not to love this amp. // 10

Price paid: 550

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: I play pretty much anything rock. Classic, modern, alternative, metal, etc. This thing fits the bill in pretty much

every category. 11 amp models, an EQ, and 11 different effects. Footswitch is sold seperately, but if you want to gig you

pretty much need it (just like any other amp.) The one thing I didn't like about the features was the fact that it's only got

2 channels, but it's easy to get by despite that. At 100 watts this thing has all the power anybody will ever need. That's

another thing, on the back there is an adjustable wattage dial, so you can crank it to 100 watts or dial it all the way down

to as low as 10 if you want. All in all, for a modeling amp it's got some great features. // 9
Sound: I use either a Schecter C-1 Classic w/ seymour duncans or a Jackson JS1 with EMG '81s. I'll tell you what, this amp is

a beast. It suits my style's perfectly (see above). But the good thing about it is you can get a balls-to-the-wall crunch out

of it, but get some great classic sounds as well. The clean channels are great too, and the effects, while not the best in

world, still sound pretty good. After trying some different modelling amps, this one blew the others out of the water. The

one bad thing I noticed was the tendency to get too much feedback, but that is easily remedied by a Boss NS-2 Noise

Suppressor (highly recommended for any set up). All in all, you can get some pretty wicked sounds outta this amps. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I just recently purchased the amp, so I can't say too much about it breaking down or anything. It

looks and feels sturdy enough. I gig it without a backup, mainly cuz I don't have a backup, but I'm not too worried about it

crapping out on me. It's pretty solid. Besides, Vox is pretty good about their warranties. // 10

Impression: It suits my need perfectly, but since it's a modeling amp I'm sure it can be used for other purposes besides

straight-up rock. I've been playing for 5 years and this is my first gig-worthy amp. No regrets so far. If it were lost or

stolen, well, I'd probably destroy the person that took it and take it back. If I couldn't do that, I'd probably cry myself

to sleep 'cause I can't afford another one. Anyways, like I said, this thing beats the crap out of all other modeling amps.

Somewhere down the road I'd like to get a Marshall JCM half-stack, but until then this thing will do just fine. Great value

(in my humble opinion). Rock on. // 10

Kalau berminat hubungi aku di talian 012-9438871(''~Sham~'')
Harga RM1800.00 (Special price!!)
Cepat sementara masih ada!!
Harga boleh dirunding.

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Amplifier Gitar CARVIN SX-200 Made in USA untuk dijual

Carvin SX-200 Made in USA
Amp Carvin Back side1
Amp Carvin Back side
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AMPLIFIER CARVIN SX200 - 100W 2x12 Combo Amp with Classic Tube Emulation and Digital Effects

Amplifier nih juga telah diupgrade speaker dia menggunakan Speaker PIONEER made in Japan 300Watt!!! Original speaker cuma 200Watt jer.. (Speaker original telah dimasukkan ke dalam Amplifier Fender Acoustasonic)

DI sini aku bubuh specification original dia utk korang baca...

The two channel SX200 guitar amp delivers "tone to the bone"! Channel 1 offers huge gain, dynamic range, thick sustain and a raw, rock-n-roll tone. Press the "Blues" button, and you''''''''ll get a full-blown southern blues sound that will blow you away. Channel 2 delivers clean tones, ranging from warm and full to shimmering and glassy. Active tone circuits offer a broader tonal range, with deep, rich BASS, defining MID control, and a briolliant TREBLE control. Internal lush effects processor with SmartEffects™ control allows you to select an effect, and go to the next channel while remembering each channel''''s effect settings.


- Active tone ciccuits for individual contour and extreme range
- Each channel features custom tailored Bass, Mid-range and Treble controls
- Vintage-style PRESENCE control adds shimmering highs, or cuts highs for warmer tones
- SmartEffects - Reverb, Chorus, Flange and Echo with 2 parameter controls for 256 total variations
- Large magnet 12 inch Carvin British Series speakers do not easily break up
- Sealed controls
- Classic black knobs
- Classic red jewel lamp


- Strong poplar plywood enclosure - not particleboard!
- Covered in black tolex
- Premium components and solid design for years of reliable performance
- Hand made in San Diego, California

- 100W Output
- 4 ohm, 8 ohm & 16 ohm impedence switch
- CH1 EQ @ 80, 700 & 11.5k Hz, Presence @ 6k Hz
- CH2 EQ @ 50, 500 & 11.5k Hz, Presence @ 10k Hz
- Cabinet Voiced Line Out, External Effects Loop, Headphone Jack, 2 External Speaker Jacks
- AC Input: 120V or 240V models
- Dimensions: 19.5 inches wide X 10.25 inches deep X 17.75 inches high
- Weight: 37 lbs.


What I Like About The Carvin SX200 Combo:
I like the volume especially, its extremely loud for a 100 watt. Its solid state, so I didn't expect a wonderful sound, but with the tube emulation it sounds amazing. I like the built in digital effects alot too. It has Echo, Reverb, Chorus, and Flanger, which all work very nicely. If you want real high quality effects though, you shouldn't be looking for the ones that come with an amp. Not only does it have a reverb effect, but it also has a reverb button that gives off an auto reverb so you can use it with any of the other effects. The channel sellect is great because you can set the effects on on the clean channel, and off on the overdrive channel(and vice versa) and only have to push one button on the footswitch to get exactly what you want. Not only does it have a mean and beefy overdrive, but there is a "blues" button that gives you a jazzier distortion which I like alot.

[color=orange]SX200 Combo Summary:
I play mardcore(yes, Mardcore) punk rock, and I needed something powerful to blow people away. Although its just a solid state combo, it does all I could ask it to.

Kalau berminat hubungi aku di talian 012-9438871(''~Sham~'')
Harga RM2500.00 (Special price!!)
Cepat sementara masih ada!!
Harga boleh dirunding.

Nak dengar bunyi dia klik kat URL nih
Sori gambar gelap.. aku cuba try test solo lagu Memburu impian drp Kristal. Plus effect ZOOM 505 II .Kord main belasah jer.. jgn kutuk yer...heehe

Additional Reviews:- Carvin SX200 Guitar Amplifier

There are a lot of amps on the market for electric guitars. A mind blowing assortment is available. Combo amps and a head/stack combination are your basic two choices. But there are a ton of manufacturers who have many versions of combos and amp heads and stacks. I'm a sucker for the combos myself. Having the versatility of a fairly light amp that is loud enough for small-medium venues, that I can also carry into a gig with one hand is appealing to me. Head/stacks are great for bigger venues, especially if you have roadies, but otherwise they can be a pain to haul around and get to a gig or a practice session. In a church that has the amps on stage, they can also be unsightly and take up too much precious real estate. I particularly like the sound of a good closed back 4 x 12" speaker cabinet driven by a high quality head; but to me on a daily basis, a combo makes much more sense, and some of them sound even better than a big cabinet to my ears. This model is Carvin's solid state combo with two 12" speakers and it is rated at 100 watts.


The SX200 came in a Carvin box that was made specifically for the amp. It was well protected and arrived in perfect condition. The first thing I noticed was that the SX200 was quite easy to pull out of the box for a 2 x 12” guitar amp. One look at the website revealed that it only weighs 49 lbs. That is darn light for a big combo. It doesn’t feel much different to carry than a large 1 x 12” combo such as the Behringer LX-112 V-Ampire. It is fairly light because Carvin does not use particle board for the amps frame.

Construction was immaculate. Tight and clean with no problems anywhere. Very nice! No gaps, tears, or rips in the black material the amp was wrapped in . There are nice metal protectors on each corner, and rubber feet on the bottom. This a cleanly constructed amp. Period. The actual face of the amp was screwed to the housing well, and also had no noticeable gaps or areas of inconsistency. This speaks to the incredible quality control that Carvin has.


This amp has more features than a basic amp, but not as much internal effects flexibility as your typical modeling amp such as a Line 6, Fender, or Behringer. There two footswitch selectable channels. One for distortion and one for clean. I ordered the optional FS-22 Footswitch for the added convenience of channel/effects switching without having to walk up to the amp. I can't imagine playing a gig and having to walk up to the amp to make it change channels or effects. The pedal comes with a nice long cord, and was an additional $30.00 direct from Carvin.

The thing that is great about the way they designed the SX200 is that the channels really can be two independent channels. Meaning you can plug one thing into channel 1, and another thing into channel 2. It took me a while to figure how I could use this to my advantage other than using channel 2 with a vocal mic., but then it dawned on me that I could run my stereo effects pedal into the SX200’s two channels with the proper stereo cable, and get a nice stereo image even from my floor pedal! This isn’t possible on the majority of combo amps on the market today because they do not have stereo effect returns or inputs. Most are also not true dual channel amps. Way to go Carvin. For me this feature alone made the amp worth the purchase.

The SX200 does have built in effects with up to 256 internal combinations. The effects are controlled by three knobs. One for the actual effect type, one for the rate, and one for the level. The effects themselves sound decent for this price point, but the interface is a bit lacking. You can turn the dial to get say a nice chorus effect with some reverb if the knob is in the proper position, but if you want to combine effects that aren’t next to each other on the knob, then you are out of luck. A nice feature is that there is a separate reverb switch in addition to the effects knob effects, if you just want to have reverb only like a regular old combo amp. To Carvin’s credit, the effects are footswitch able on and off, and the amplifier remembers your effects setting when you switch between the two channels. The problem here is, that only leaves you a few options for effects, because there are no savable presets. The amp remembers the effects settings when you change channels, but can only remember each channel's real time setting and that’s it. If you want to go from a distorted chorus/reverb, then to a clean, then to a distorted flanged delayed mess in an instant, then this amp won’t do it. Better use floor pedals.

I found the effects very useful though, when I combined outboard effects pedals with the internal effects. All of the sudden I had a few options on top of my floor effects to choose from; and I was able to create layered delays, choruses, and reverbs by using the outboard floor pedals and the amp's internal effects combined. That is a pretty neat feature and it makes the amp's effects section make more sense in this age of decent sounding $70.00 floor pedal multi effects.

On the back jack panel, Carvin has supplied a useful set of inputs and outputs. The usual effects send and return are there for outboard effects, along with a headphone out, the footswitch jack, a voiced line out that is designed to sound like the amp is mic'd, and a second speaker jack for using an extension cabinet such as a 4x12". Another great feature is the ability to adjust the Ohm rating with the switch for various cabinet types. Excellent and useful. Missing are midi jacks which would have been useful for using an external pedal to control the effects. At least one of the competition's amplifiers (Behringer) include midi support even in this price range and yes even for their 2 x 12" competing model. This is an area that I wish all manufacturers of any kind of modeling/emulation amp with effects would address. Behringer is the only company I know of that includes midi in even their lower priced solid state amps. But aside from the lack of midi support, all in all this is a great feature set on the Carvin SX200, and the Behringer is not made in the U.S.A.


After pulling it out of the box and examining it, I immediately rushed into my testing area with the SX200 and plugged it in with a Fender Telecaster Custom HH guitar to test it. The FS-22 footswitch that I ordered with it (optional) plugged in to the back. The footswitch has 2 buttons. One for channel switching and one for turning the effects on and off. I turned everything to what I normally would on a small combo amp, with the channel e.q. knobs at about 5 for each low mid and high on both channels. For the first part of testing, I just left the on board effects unit off.

The Carvin's clean channel sounds very, very good. If you are a mostly clean player, the SX200 may be a good choice because both channels can be used for clean sounds and they both do a nice job. With the active e.q. on each channel, and the internal effects you have a pretty nice clean amp with some expanded options. This amp excels with single coil pickups, and of course if you feel like a little blues, you can always crank up the drive knob a little. If the drive is up just a little, the amp responds much like a nice tube amp with picking. Picked lightly - nice and clean. Picked a bit harder - you get a bit if distortion. Sweet.


The Carvin SX200 would be a bargain for many at the price Carvin sells them. It's worth more $$$. The amp is very loud and volume shouldn't be a problem for small - large settings. If it is used at a really large gig, the owner could always mic it or go direct into the house via the voiced line out. The more I played it and tweaked it, the more I liked it. I especially liked the fact that it is light as compared to many other 2 x 12" amps. Carvin basically crammed a lot of sound into a small light package. Our Behringer LX112 combo with one 12" speaker is not much smaller. The onboard effects are a bonus, but limiting. The only real problem with the Carvin for me is that I have grown accustomed to modeling amps that can be controlled via a midi pedal such as the FCB1010 midi controller pedal. It's just so convenient to have everything right there in the amp controllable with a pedal, and a built in tuner, savable presets, etc. Maybe the next model will have some of these features. But If those things aren't all that important or necessary for you, and your looking for a good solid state 2 x 12" amp as a basis for adding outboard effects, this amp is well worth an audition. The onboard effects are then just a nice bonus. Give it a closer look! This may be an amp that H.O.W.I. sends to ministries overseas if we find that it is reliable over long term testing. It's a good, solid value.

by William Charles

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BRAND NEW Amplifier Gitar FENDER ACOUSTASONIC 30 untuk dijual

Original Body tp yg aku nak jual telah diupgrade body & speaker
Body baru dgn Speaker Carvin 100watt
Amp Fender back side
View all 6 photos...
Amplifier Fender 'Acoustasonic 30 DSP' made in Mexico.

- Upgrade to Carvin 12" Speaker British Series Made in USA with 100watt & 8 Ohm.

Bunyi memang tip top..tak caya dtg umah aku kat kanchong darat, Banting. Bleh try sound dia.. Gitar disediakan heehehe.... One & the only amplifier fender kacuk ngan speaker CARVIN 100watt !!! (sebelum tu speaker dia 30watt jer..bunyi tak power)

Bagus untuk bubuh kat studio jamming. Kalau lu nak main kat rumah pun apa salahnya... lagi best... harap2 jiran tetangga tak bising la.. cos bunyi dia satu kampung buleh dengar....

DI sini aku bubuh specification original dia utk korang baca...

The Fender Acoustasonic 30 DSP Combo Amp with Effects is an upgraded version of Fender's best-selling Acoustasonic 30. Its 30W amp drives an 8" LF driver plus tweeter. Lightweight and portable, it's an ideal choice for handling acoustic-electric instruments and vocals. The mic and instrument channels have independent EQs. A phase switch controls feedback while the String Dynamics control reins in harsh treble on the instrument channel. The mic channel has phantom power. The line out lets you go direct to a mixer. DSP effects include reverb, delay, chorus, and more. An optional footswitch controls effects switching on both channels.

Fender Acoustasonic 30 DSP Combo Amp with Effects Specifications:

* 19-1/2"W x 15-1/2"H x 14-3/4"D
* 34 lbs.

Fender Acoustasonic 30 DSP Combo Amp with Effects Features:

* Upgraded version of the Acoustasonic 30
* From 30W upgraded to 100 W amp
* 8" LF driver plus tweeter
* Lightweight and portable
* Ideal for acoustic-electric instruments and vocals
* Mic and instrument channels have independent EQs
* Phase switch controls feedback
* String Dynamics control reins in harsh treble
* Phantom power on mic channel
* Line out lets you go direct to a mixer
* DSP effects
* Optional footswitch controls effects switching on both channels
* Warm-looking brown/wheat cosmetic treatment

Kalau berminat hubungi aku di talian 012-9438871(''~Sham~'')
Harga RM2500.00 (Special price!!)
Cepat sementara masih ada!!
Harga boleh dirunding.

Nak dengar bunyi dia klik kat URL nih
Video Bapak aku tgh main lagu 'The Shadows - Theme For Young Lovers

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Challenge Spider Petang raya ke-4 2007

View all 6 photos...
Teringat di masa kecik dulu... sanggup masuk hutan cari spider king!! Nak tengok dia battle live, masuk YOUTUBE address nih, then leave comment yer...:- thank you... [url]

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Instrument Aku

Amp Behringer & Turbo Distortion DS2
Lead Guitar Behringer
Turbo Distortion DS2
View all 8 photos...
Sajer jer aku nak upload.. sebenarnya semua nih harta abah aku.. harta aku sikit jer...

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